About Our Company

Boborix LLC has been established as a Mobile Apps and Games development company in Georgia.

Our company provides innovative digital solutions with a focus on mobile applications and games!

iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

Our Products

Fireplace Full HD

Take a fireplace with you everywhere you go! Create cozy and lovely environment anytime, anywhere!

Baby Gender Predictor

Want to find out the gender of your future baby? Get acquainted to the most popular gender prediction myths, try some ancient and traditional calculation methods.

Animal Sounds Baby Game

Want to amuse your babies and develop their skills at the same time? Try this funny app which will help them learn animal sounds, cheering them by cute visual/sound effects every time they succeed.

Bobo Balls

Sort the red and white bouncing balls equally, by moving the gate. Each level lasts for 45 seconds. Maintain balance for 4 seconds to advance to the next level.

Future Projects

Chocolate Bobo

Game for chocolate lovers.

Size Chart and Converter

Men and women shoes, clothing and rings size charts for us, uk, europe, australia, japan, china and mexico.

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